WATCH: 21-Year-Old Woman Ruthlessly Drives Over Mother of 3’s Body to Avoid Paying for Manicure

“She would never buy anything for herself.”

​Las Vegas police is looking for a woman suspected of killing an immigrant business owner and mother of three by running her over with a stolen car in order to avoid paying $35 for a manicure.

On the afternoon of Dec. 29, 21-year-old Krystal Whipple allegedly struck the nail salon owner, ​according to KTNV.  View image on Twitter

Whipple was driving a black rental Chevy Camaro that had been reported stolen, Police Lt. Ray Spencer ​told the Las Vegas Sun. Police found the car abandoned in a nearby housing complex.

Spencer told the Sun that the attack occurred as Whipple tried to drive off without paying the manicurist. After trying to pay for the service with a fraudulent credit card, Whipple made a dash for it. With the shop owners chasing her, Whipple jumped into her car and drove — not stopping even as they tried to block her way. Instead, Whipple ran over the manicurist, dragging her body for 50 feet. 

Spencer called the attack “a tragic outcome to a $35 theft of service.”

Police released the storefront security video on Thursday to encourage public assistance in locating Whipple’s current whereabouts.

The victim was Ngoc Q. Nguyen, a 51-year-old mother of three girls. Her eldest daughter, Anne Trinh, told the Sun that Nguyen moved to the United States from Vietnam in 1990. She started as an employee at a nail salon in Bullhead City, Arizona, until in 2016 she moved to Las Vegas to open her own shop. 

According to Trinh, Nguyen was “very proud” of her business. She ran it with her boyfriend, who witnessed the attack, and reliably provided for her mother, brother, and daughters.

“It made me realize how dependent we are on her. Even today, we’re all older, we’re all adults and we all depend on her,” the daughter told the Sun. “Now that she’s gone, we have to step it up.”

A GoFundMe ​campaign launched to support the family describes Nguyen as a “dutiful” and “selfless” parent. 

“She would never buy anything for herself,” the fundraiser prompt reads. “Any gifts that she received would be passed to her daughters, rather than keeping the it for herself. She never asked for anything in return, besides more grandchildren.”

The story of a hard-working mother killed at for the sake of a $35 vanity stirred online anger and sympathy.

“If you can’t afford to get your nails done, please don’e waste their time,” tweeted one frustrated commenter.

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